Friday, January 1, 2010

Bath Cathedral, Bath, England

When Paul and I travelled together to England several years ago, I managed to get some time alone in Bath. I got up early on the date of our departure and walked several blocks into Bath Cathedral, where I took the following pictures. I've always been fascinated at how many headstones are re-used for flooring in many of the older places of worship. I also found the memorials to be different than the ones used here, with their full size statues of the deceased lying above their tombs. It took me a long while to read all the the memorial plaques on the walls, many portraying Death coming to escort the living away to the afterlife. Such eloquent and exquisitely artistic representations of love and devotion are seldom seen in the more recent headstones of cemeteries here, where practicality and cost seem to be the overriding factors.