Sunday, December 20, 2009

Castle Corfe, England

During our stay in Bournemouth, I took a lovely day tour of some of the places along what they call the "Jurassic coast." Although I didn't find any fossils along the beaches during that tour, I did find a petrified claw on the beach in Bournemouth, so I expect they do find fossils regularly along that stretch of land. We stopped briefly in Corfe and whilst most everyone else paid 5 pounds/$10 American to get in, I decided to wander the village and see what else I could find. I did walk the outside of the wall of the castle ruins and looked longingly at the hill across from it, where i could just make out what looked tombstones in the distance. I knew I'd never make it up the steep hill and back again in time, so I wandered over to the 13th century church and the cemetery not far from it.

I loved how so many spring flowers were just beginning to burst forth from the graves themselves. I wish more cemeteries here would allow for that sort of remembrance, for it seems like a perfect way to celebrate the life of someone who was a lover of flowers and gardens. I also need to find some sources that list the meanings of plants and flowers used in cemeteries. I know that rosemary was often used for remembrance, but I'd love to find out more of about some of the others.

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