Friday, December 11, 2009

Saint Cyriac Church, Lacock, England

The next several postings will be from various trips I've taken to the United Kingdom, specifically England. They span a range of about 20 years of my life and include several regions of England.

When Paul and I visited England for a week several years ago, we took a day trip around Wiltshire and ended up in a lovely little village called Lacock. Although we were not allowed to visit Lacock Abbey, the location where many bits of the Harry Potter movies were filmed (see for some beautiful pics), we were able to visit the small local church dedicated to Saint Cyriac. Although it was built in the 11th century, it was remodeled, reconstructed and restored many times until it's last remodelling in 1902. As is usual in many of the churches I visited in England, the burying grounds spread outward from the church walls and to you must pass through them to get to the entrance. I love the way many off the headstones are as tall as me, if not a bit taller. (I am only 5 foot 2 inches, it doesn't take much.) I also love the way some of the tombs rise up out of the ground, much like little houses for the dead.

I love the older cemeteries in the United Kingdom. There is such a feeling of history. And there is no sense that I've stumbled upon a golf course, which is what so many of the memorial gardens feel like here...

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